Rest & Recovery Box



Whether recovering from surgery, radiation, or chemo - cancer treatments can be exhausting. This box of soothing items provides a gentle reminder to stop and rest as part of the recovery process.

We interviewed over 500 Cancer Patients and Gift Buyers to curate our Self Care and Gift Boxes. Shop with confidence knowing the Rest & Recovery Box was curated based on direct feedback from the cancer community.

The Rest & Recovery Box includes the following items:


Mini Teapot & Tea Drops

This charming little 10 ounce porcelain teapot,  and three flavored Tea Drops branded teas provide a perfect little soothing respite.

Throw Blanket

Clinical fatigue is a common side effect, often lingering long after the final treatment. Cancer patients are often encouraged to take breaks throughout the day and be sure to rest. And what better way to rest than by curling up with this cozy throw blanket? Super soft and squishy, plus washer-safe should it encounter any spills or stains.

*Plush blanket colors may vary.

Coloring Book & Colored Pencils

Cancer treatment can be extremely stressful, ergo the importance of self-care throughout the duration. It can be very calming to unplug from technology and redirect one’s focus to geometric colors and patterns, like those found in this charming pocket-sized coloring book.

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