In The News

Balm Box is making headlines! Below are the latest publications to pick up the Balm Box story, featuring how founder Liz Benditt channeled her experience overcoming cancer 4 times to create and launch 


Gift box for breast cancer treatment inspired by founder’s own experience (LINK)

Leawood Cancer Survivor Honored for Work Helping Fellow Patients (LINK)

Female Disruptors: Liz Benditt of Balm Box On the Three Things You Need to Shake Up Your Industry (LINK)

Liz Benditt: Friends and neighbors all want to DO something... (LINK)

#FighterFriday: The Finish Line Is The Starting Line 

While in treatment, four-time warrior Liz Benditt wasn't finding any one-stop shops for actual, helpful, functional self-care items. So she created one. (LINK)


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