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The Best Mastectomy Care Package

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We interviewed over 500 Cancer Patients and Gift Buyers to curate our Self Care and Gift Boxes. Shop with confidence knowing this Mastectomy Musts box was curated based on direct feedback from the cancer community.

The Balm Box Mastectomy Care Package Essentials includes the following products:

Side Protector Pillow

Post-mastectomy, the weight of your arm can irritate your tender chest area. This clever pillow is specially designed to redirect your body weight away from aching body parts, especially in the chest area. Boxe include either one pillow (Single Mastectomy) or two pillows (Double Mastectomy). *Fabric cover design may vary.

Seat Belt Barrier

Seat belts are an unexpected challenge for breast cancer patients. Unfortunately, seat belts tend to rub directly against the most tender part of a breast-cancer patient's torso while recovering from surgery and even into post-surgical treatments like radiation. Simply insert the pillow between you and your seat belt and TA-DA – pain free driving! *Fabric cover design may vary.

No Sweat Ice Pack

Ice Packs rate in the TOP 5 most requested items from cancer patients. It's no wonder - ice packs are a must for any surgical patient - especially mastectomy patients. Single Mastectomy Boxes include ONE, Double Mastectomy Boxes include TWO ice packs.

While the packaging says, “for lunches,” at Balm Box we believe these are the ideal size to discreetly tuck into shirts or under the arm. (And hey – hang onto them for future post-cancer lunch boxes!) The sweat-free ice packs do not leave damp marks on clothes. Plus, they are large enough to provide relief, yet small enough to stay ‘hidden’ under an arm or tucked into the front of a shirt. *Ice pack prints may vary.

The Balm Box Mastectomy Care Package Comprehensive include all of the items in Essentials PLUS the following products:

Botanical Body Cream

Dry, cracked, and tender skin can be common surgery and treatment side effects. We adore this unscented lotion from our friends at Polish Your Parts. This particular formula was inspired by medical field professionals who constantly wash their hands, need quick relief and are not able to wear fragrance. Knowing cancer treatments can make even light scents unbearable, this scent-free lotion offers quick absorption and a smooth velvety finish.

Lip Balm

Dry, cracked, and painful lips are a common side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Knowing cancer treatments can make even light scents unbearable, these unscented lip balms from Polish Your Parts are a great option for cancer patients. Formulated with organic and natural ingredients, Lip Lovin’ lip balms provide comforting moisture to dry and sensitive lips.

Coloring Book & Pencils

Cancer treatment can be extremely stressful, ergo the importance of self-care throughout the duration. It can be very calming to unplug from technology and redirect one’s focus to geometric colors and patterns, like those found in this charming pocket-sized coloring book.

The Cancer Card

Living with cancer stinks – but there IS one teeny tiny silver lining: The Cancer Card. Flash your official membership card to the closest friend or family member and VOILA – skip annoying tasks and activities! (Hint: We've heard it works well with laundry folding, grocery runs and dish washing.)

The Balm Box Mastectomy Care Package Tremendous includes all of the items in Essentials AND Comprehensive PLUS the following products:

Bergamot Essential Oil & Diffuser Bracelet

With both calming and uplifting abilities, Bergamot essential oil is mildly citrusy, pleasant without being overly pungent. It is commonly used to help reduce stress and tension and help with mental clarity. Just dab one or two drops onto the black lava stones on the diffuser bracelet to enjoy the benefits of this unique essential oil. *Bracelet decorative stone colors may vary.

Two Pairs of Cozy Socks

Keep feet warm and dry with super cozy, warm and soft socks. Stretchy, fuzzy, and gentle on tender toes, these luxurious socks are beloved by patients throughout their treatments.

Weighted Eye Pillow

Fatigue and exhaustion are very common cancer treatment side effects. Resting is often strongly encouraged. These lavender scented eye pillows can be heated (30 seconds in the microwave) or cooled (overnight in the freezer) for a relaxing lavender scented nap.