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Dreamy Radiation Rest Kit

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We interviewed over 500 Cancer Patients and Gift Buyers to curate our Self Care and Gift Boxes. Shop with confidence knowing this Radiation Rest box was curated based on direct feedback from the cancer community.

Radiation Rest is an ideal box for patients that already have the basics, like the aluminum free deodorant, ice packs, and burn salves found in Radiation Essentials.

  • Address the brutal exhaustion most common towards the middle-to-late stages of radiation treatment.
  • We love the specialized support pillow, uniquely designed for breast cancer patients to keep the weight of your arm away from radiated skin.
  • The essential oil kit, weighted eye pillow, and cozy microfiber throw should set you up for those oh-so-necessary afternoon naps.

Radiation Rest Box Includes:

Essential Oil & Diffuser

Aromatherapy rates in the TOP 5 most requested items from cancer patients. Lavender oil is commonly used as a holistic treatment for anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. Just one or two drops on the lava-stone bracelet post-treatment provide a lovely smell that can last for hours. The aroma-therapy is meant to help patients feel calm and relaxed. *Bracelet decorative stone colors may vary.

Support Pillow

Side pillows rate in the TOP 5 most requested items from cancer patients. The weight of your arm can irritate radiated areas. These pillows are specially designed to redirect your body weight away from tender body parts. *Fabric cover designs vary

Throw Blanket

Fleece blankets rate in the TOP 5 most requested items from cancer patients. Clinical fatigue is a common radiation side effect, often lingering long after the final treatment. Be kind to yourself, take breaks throughout the day, and be sure to rest. And what better way to rest than by curling up with this cozy throw blanket? Super soft and squishy, plus washer-safe should it encounter any spills or stains. *Plush blanket colors may vary.

Weighted Eye Pillow

Fatigue and exhaustion are very common cancer treatment side effects. Resting is often strongly encouraged. These lavender scented eye pillows can be heated (30 seconds in the microwave) or cooled (overnight in the freezer) – just lie down, cover your eyes, breathe in the lavender scent and pretend you’re taking a nap for fun vs. necessity!

Breast Cancer Charm 

A breast cancer diagnosis can be shocking and terrifying. It's critical to maintain a positive, hopeful outlook to get through treatments without letting yourself dwell in anger and resentment. Sometimes wearing a simple charm - small enough to be unobtrusive or worn under your sleeve - is a delicate reminder that this too shall pass, and you will come out the other side of this experience stronger and more resilient.