2-Box Chemo Care Package Subscription Series

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Each box in the Chemo Subscription Series has a retail value of $149.99. Subscription boxes will include 8 to 10 items, selected from each of the following categories:

Hair Loss

Losing one’s hair can be one of the most debilitating side effects, both physically and emotionally. To add insult to injury, suddenly going bald can make scalps feel itchy and sore. From head coverings to specialty lotions, each box will include item(s) to address chemo-induced hair loss.








Nerve damage in hands and feet during chemo is quite common. Whether patients’ hands and feet numb, sore, hot, or cold – it’s all frustrating and unpleasant. Each box will include item(s) to address neuropathy in hands or feet.







Skin & Nail Changes

Chemo treatments can be brutal on nails, skin, and lips. We’ve evaluated – literally - hundreds of products and selected only the very best to include in our Balm Boxes. Each box will include item(s) made from 100% organic ingredients especially chosen to address the unique challenges in patient’s skin and nails.








Perhaps one of the most famous chemo side effects – nausea can be especially debilitating. Our curated selection of palliative tools was chosen based on direct feedback and research with chemo survivors. Each box will include item(s) to soothe nausea.







Chemo Brain

Less known, but equally frustrating is losing mental clarity because of chemotherapy treatment. Commonly called “chemo brain” this side effect is especially frustrating as each patient’s experience can be subjective and ergo hard to measure. Each box will include item(s) to help patients with mental clarity.








For patients used to being on the go, the need to sloooow down can be incredibly frustrating. Each box will include comfort item(s) to gently remind patients to take time to rest and recuperate.






Save up $150 off Chemo Subscription Boxes - the more boxes you order, the more you save!

  • Save 5% on the 2-Box Series ($142.49 per box)
  • Save 10% on the 3-Box Series ($134.99 per box)
  • Save 15% on the 4-Box Series ($127.49 per box)
  • Save 20% on the 5-Box Series ($119.99 per box)

You will be charged the per-box fee upon shipment of each box. Frequency dates are based on shipment dates. Select the link below if you prefer to pre-pay for your entire subscription order:



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