What Order Frequency Should I Select?

That depends on the length of your planned radiation therapy. According to the Mayo clinic, “A common treatment schedule (course) includes one radiation treatment a day, five days a week (usually Monday through Friday), for about five to six weeks. Spreading out your sessions helps your healthy cells recover from radiation exposure while cancer cells die.” Some treatment schedules are shorter – some are longer. It depends on the patient and radiation oncologist.

Our recommendation is to send Radiation Essentials to arrive prior to or within the first 2 weeks of radiation therapy. Radiation Rest is meant to address mid-treatment side effects, with Radiation Recovery the end/post-treatment.

Therefore, our recommended frequency is as follows:

> 1-Week Frequency: For patients assigned 20 or fewer sessions (4 or fewer weeks)

> 2-Week Frequency: For patients assigned between 21 – 30 sessions (6 or fewer weeks)

> 3-Week Frequency: For patients assigned over 31 sessions (7 or more weeks)