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Hair Loss Box

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We interviewed over 500 Cancer Patients and Gift Buyers to curate our Self Care and Gift Boxes. Shop with confidence knowing our Hair Loss Box was curated based on direct feedback from the cancer community.

The Hair Loss Box Includes The Following Items:

Botanical Care Cream (Unscented)

We all know that hair loss is a common chemotherapy side effect. To add insult to injury, after losing their hair, many patients’ scalps are tender, itchy, and irritated. Our friends at Polish Your Parts developed this lotion especially for newly bald scalps. Like their phenomenal Botanical Burn Balm developed for radiation therapy patients, this lotion includes a high concentration of calendula oil to reduce inflammation and irritation. They also added broccoli seed oil and sea buckthorn berries to deliver intense hydration without clogging pores and protect against infections.

Eyebrow Pencil

We all know that hair loss is a common chemotherapy side effect. Many women even proactively have themselves fitted for wigs before they start treatment. (And good for them – we love a practical planner!) But many women forget that hair loss can often mean – ALL the hair – even eyelashes and eyebrows. We adore the fabulous tutorials at Run by Carly Severn, a young woman with alopecia, she posts wonderful eyebrow-makeup instructional videos. According to Carly, the secret to creating realistic eyebrows is a sharp eyebrow pencil.

Choose from Black, Brown, Black/Brown, Grey, or Grey/Brown

Headcover Options

Lightweight Striped Turban

Some days, the simplicity of tossing on a turban is preferable to complex wig styling. This black and white striped turban will easily match a wide variety of wardrobes. Plus, the lightweight fabric will not cause head-sweat, or feel 'heavy' on your head.

Beanie Sleeper®

This special, lightweight beanie with a built-in sleep mask that blocks light and keeps your head warm and comfortable without overheating. It is a great tool for those trying to nap in their Chemo chairs the nifty fold-down sleep mask will block out light and sound. The very soft jersey cotton and mesh interior provides a gentle wrap for tender, bald heads without overheating.