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Comprehensive Chemo Care

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We interviewed over 500 cancer patients and gift buyers to curate our Self Care and Gift Boxes. Shop with confidence knowing this Comprehensive Chemo Care box was curated based on direct feedback from the cancer community.

Comprehensive Chemo Care includes the following items:

Botanical Body Cream (Unscented)

Some chemotherapy medicines can cause temporary changes to skin, making hands dry, slightly discolored, itchy, red and/or sore. We adore this hand cream from our friends at Polish Your Parts. This particular formula was inspired by medical field professionals who constantly wash their hands, need quick relief and are not able to wear fragrance. Knowing chemotherapy can make even light scents unbearable, this scent-free lotion offers quick absorption and a smooth velvety finish.

Anti-Nausea Essential Oil Blend

Loss of appetite and nausea are some of the most well-known chemotherapy side effects. This essential oil roll-on stick was designed to alleviate headaches, stomach upsets and discomfort. Orange boosts the mood and energy, peppermint calms and cools, and the vanilla soothes all the aches and worries in between. We import these specialty products from eResonance in Switzerland. All of the eResonance product line is 100% organic, farmed with a mix of biodynamic and wild-harvest farming methods in small batches. They are organic certified with bio.suisse, and their farmers are all eco-cert organic certified. They are 100% cruelty free, and fair trade.

Striped Turban

Turbans are a versatile head covering that gives the look of a head wrap without having to tie anything to achieve the look. A turban hat provides full head coverage as well as a comfortable fit that conforms to the head. Some mornings, the simplicity of tossing on a turban is preferable to spending time styling a wig.This black and white striped turban hat’s neutral colors will easily match a wide variety of clothes. Plus, the lightweight fabric will not cause head-sweat or feel ‘heavy’ on your head.

Fleece Blanket

A common chemo side effect is feeling cold - add the standard 'meat locker' temperature of hospitals, and a cozy blanket is a must for your next chemo appointment. This cozy throw blanket is super soft and squishy, plus washer-safe should it encounter any spills or stains. 

*Plush blanket colors do vary.

Daily Planner Tearpad

Some patients have problems with their short-term memory, concentration, and attention span during chemotherapy. Routine tasks can take much longer than usual. This frustrating side effect is often referred to as “Chemo Brain.” According to The Balm Box market research, over 80% of patients experienced this aggravating side effect during their treatment plan. We love this elegant desk pad, with sections for notes, appointments, water intake, reminders, lists, and most importantly, sections “for tomorrow” and “me time."  

Eyebrow Pencil

We all know that hair loss is a common chemotherapy side effect. Many women even proactively have themselves fitted for wigs before they start treatment. (And good for them – we love a practical planner!) But many women forget that hair loss can often mean – ALL the hair – even eyelashes and eyebrows. We adore the fabulous tutorials at Run by Carly Severn, a young woman with alopecia, she posts wonderful eyebrow-makeup instructional videos. According to Carly, the secret to creating realistic eyebrows is a sharp eyebrow pencil.

Choose from Black, Brown, Black/Brown, Grey, or Grey/Brown.

Body & Foot Massager

Some chemotherapy patients experience neuropathy - a form of nerve damage characterized by weak, numb, tingling, or burning hands and feet. Massage therapy can be helpful in reducing neuropathy symptoms. This 3-piece massage set offers a variety of shapes and sizes to hit different pressure points on the body. Made from thermo-activated gel, the balls can be frozen or heated in hot water to adjust temperature. Made from smooth, nonporous rubber they are odor-free and easy to clean as well.  

Seatbelt Protector Pillow

Seat belts are an unexpected challenge for breast cancer patients. Unfortunately, seat belts tend to rub directly against the most tender part of the torso during surgery and treatments. Simply insert the pillow between you and your seat belt and TA-DA – pain free driving!

Moisturizing Toothpaste

Sometimes chemotherapy can irritate the inner mouth. We love this Oral7® Moisturizing Toothpaste for its unique ingredients. The toothpaste includes fluoride and calcium to keep teeth and gums healthy, but formulated to be low foaming, with no sodium lauryl sulphate (drying agent). It is especially beneficial for chemo patients suffering from dry mouth.