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Neutralize That Neuropathy Box

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Some chemotherapy patients experience neuropathy - a form of nerve damage characterized by weak, numb, tingling, or burning in the hands and feet. It's a frustrating side effect, that can have a significant impact on day-to-day tasks and movement.

We interviewed over 500 Cancer Patients and Gift Buyers to curate our Self Care and Gift Boxes. Shop with confidence knowing this Neuropathy Box was curated based on direct feedback from the cancer community.

The Neuropathy Box includes the following items:

Body & Foot Massager Set

Massage therapy can be helpful in reducing neuropathy symptoms. This 3-piece massage set offers a variety of shapes and sizes to hit different pressure points on the body. Made from thermo-activated gel, the balls can be frozen or heated in hot water to adjust temperature. Made from smooth, nonporous rubber they are odor-free and easy to clean as well.

Botanical Body Cream (Unscented)

Massaging body parts affected by neuropathy can be helpful in alleviating symptoms. This specialty cream by our friends at Polish Your Parts is an excellent lubricant to aid in self-massage. Knowing chemotherapy can make even light scents unbearable, this scent-free lotion offers quick absorption and a smooth velvety finish.

Two Pairs of Cozy Socks

Cold feet are a particular challenge for those suffering from neuropathy, as cold temperatures reduce blood flow to the feet, and reduced blood flow to the feet can intensify neuropathy symptoms. One of the simplest ways to avoid neuropathy foot pain is to keep feet warm and dry – enter our super cozy, warm and fuzzy socks! Stretchy, fuzzy, and gentle on tender toes, fuzzy socks are a great tool to use against the challenges of foot neuropathy.

*Sock colors vary

No-Sweat Ice Pack

Sometimes switching between heat and ice works well for patients suffering from neuropathy. We adore these sweat-free ice packs for their compact size and ability to stay dry when tucked under clothing.  Added bonus: as the packaging states, once you ring the bell on chemo this pack is ideal for to-go lunch boxes!

*Ice Pack design may vary